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    Industrial Design

    We can design your next product, or improve one you already have. UNGAVA's industrial design team will support you in your product development process up until your project is done.

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    Short/Medium Run Production

    UNGAVA can kick-start the manufacturing of your product, so you can generate sales even faster after development. We can also take care of the short/medium run production of your product with an appropriate supply chain, as long as you need it.

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    Rapid Prototyping with CNC Milling

    We can engrave your product face-plate, machine your part in 3 dimensions, or modify your part for a retrofit. We understand that you need a quick prototype or that you just need a few. So why would you wait for a regular machine shop to call you back ?

  • A Perfect Environment for Creativity and Focus

    We invent and find solutions on a daily basis. We hard-core engineer to the most refined level of detail. So we created an environment to promote innovation and quality.

  • What You 3D-Print is What You Get

    There's nothing like trying things out for real. When it comes to validating a part or an industrial design, it's just so much better to print it out in 3D ! We can turn your 3D CAD file into a precise mock-up sturdy enough for your customers touch. We can even paint it to showroom quality.