Corporate team


FRANÇOIS MAINGUY, PDG & Chairman (Québec)

Mr. Mainguy worked for R/D Tech (Québec, QC) from 1995 to 1998 as a R&D technician for new ultrasound technologies in nondestructive evaluation.  In 1999, he worked as a consultant for the Electric Power Research Institute (Charlotte, NC), to whom he proposed a portable device project, which he lead until 2001.  From 2001 to 2004, Mr. Mainguy was the founder and president of HARFANG Microtechniques, a start-up that resulted from the above-mentioned project.  In 2005, he sold his company to Sonatest Group (Milton Keynes, UK), where he worked for three years.  In June 2008, he funded UNGAVA, his second start-up. He introduced the first portable ultrasound phased array system for nondestructive evaluation, in june 2002.  He also introduced the first detachable active array heads (DAAH) in 2006.  Mr. Mainguy has technical training in physical engineering (Cégep La Pocatière), an Electrical Engineering Degree from l’École de Technologie Supérieure (Montréal) and a specialization in microelectronics at l'École d'Ingénieurs du Canton de Neuchâtel (Switzerland).




J. Michael Wurts has worked in hardware design and computer-aided engineering for 25 years. He began his career at IBM in Boca Raton, Florida, on the IBM PC/XT, then continued at Unisys designing mainframes. He has a strong interest in development tools for hardware engineers. He was behind the first commercial VHDL simulator acquired by Synopsys in 1990 and lead the company to develop FPGA tools. He has helped multiple start-ups get off on the right foot.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Villanova University.




M.Cyr lives in Montréal with his family. After nearly 8 years at IBM working in the large systems group, he joined the Worley Parsons / SNC-Lavalin consortium to become IT Manager on the Emirates Aluminum project in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Following the completion of this project, he remained in the Middle East and joined Microsoft as a member of the worldwide Technical Computing Sales Specialist team. In charge of the Middle East and Africa market business development, his duties regularly takes him to customers located in the 74 different countries of the region in various industries : manufacturing, defense, financial sector, oil and gas. Alex graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering from École de Technologie Supérieure in Montréal and later obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from Liverpool University. Ever since he was young, Alex has been passionate about science, technology, and he strongly believes in supporting entrepreneurship and innovation.  His participation in UNGAVA is further proof that he stands behnid ideas with the power to move the world.




Ricardo Couto worked for the computer (IT) distribution company Merisel/Synnes from 1997 to 2001 as a sales representative dedicated to major accounts for retail and value-added resellers. In this position, he was in charge of business development and of setting-up new sales opportunities. From 2001 to present, Mr. Couto has worked for TRS-RenTelco Inc., a multinational company in the field of electronic test and measurements equipment leasing. His role is in sales, supporting world leaders such as Cisco, RIM, Alcatel, Huawei, Broadcom and others. He is a multilingual technical sales specialist with more than 10 years of experience in the field of test and measurement instrumentation worldwide. He graduated as a technician in microelectronics (Collège CDI Laval), and has also studied at Université de Montréal in business administration and finance.






Norton Rose Group, Québec




Dallaire-Forest-Kirouac (DFK), Québec

Deloitte & Touche, Québec